Here’s everything you need to know about Wedding Registry and how does it help to you to make your wedding a very special affair for you and your spouse.

What are Cash funds?

Cash funds are a great idea for a Wedding Registry if you’re planning towards down-payment of your new home, or a honeymoon trip or just anything that you’ve been saving up for! Just add a cash fun to your registry and title it for the purpose you’ve made it for.

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What is a Wedding Registry?

A wedding registry is one of the most exciting tasks an engaged couple takes up to make an exclusive list of gifts they would love to get on their special day. This list is shared with their friends and family to make the entire wedding gifting experience simpler, easier for all and a waste-proof one!

Now, you don’t need to worry about receiving a tacky perfume set or unmatching home-decor or some crockery. All you need to do is get on June Loft Wedding Registry, add the items you like and share with your loved ones to make it easier for them to buy the best gifts you like! Not only this, you can also add cash funds and gift cards to the registry to help your friends make your wedding gift a truly memorable one! 

You may feel guilty for making a list of your must-haves, but you must realise, a wedding registry is a convenient tool for your friends and family to use to give you a gift that they know you actually want and will use, instead of having to take a wild guess and risk purchasing something that you may not like.. 

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Is Wedding Registry really meant to be for us?

Wedding Registry is for anyone who wants to make their wedding a truly special occasion for themselves and an easy experience for their guests. If you have always imagined to make your wedding a waste-free affair and if you hate recycling your gifts, Wedding Registry is your solution.

Whether you and your spouse would like to donate all your cash fund to an orphanage, or use them towards making your new house together or have your friends get you a special honeymoon gift card or just exactly that gaming console you both love to play - the June Loft Wedding Registry has got you covered!

Is it okay to add cash funds instead of wedding gifts?

It’s becoming a norm to add more cash funds to the Wedding Registry than just gifts. It’s practical and can be put to better use - as our existing happily married JL Couples say. In fact! Cash funds have been used into not just a new home down payment or planning a lavish honeymoon trip, but also into donations for orphanages or old age homes by our married couples.

In the end, your guests only care about what would make you smile - whether it’s money or gift cards or just gifts. So don’t be hesitant and create as many cash funds you may need!

Why JuneLoft?

Oh! Is that even a question on your head right now?

It’s because we simply love the idea of bringing your loved ones closer to you and helping them make your wedding day and gifts more special!

June Loft is the only place where you find over 200 brands along with our own exclusive curated list of products that you will absolutely love to have! Not just that, you can add cash funds, gift cards and membership gifts on your list and simply share with your friends and fam.

We thrive to make this experience simple, smooth and with lots of love.

- Free shipping and no delivery charges

- Choose the date of delivery

- Stay updated when items are purchased

- Easy exchange policies

- Cash funds with lowest cash fee

How to make a Registry?

So, to make your own registry, you can simply get started by signing up here

Once you are a registered user, you can simply browse through our partner brand products or add your own products from other websites. Know how to add products to your registry here  

What’s the cost of creating registry on JuneLoft?

No kidding, making wedding registry on JuneLoft is completely Free and always will be!

Can we add gifts and cash funds in the same registry?

By making the JuneLoft Registry, you can easily add gifts and cash funds in the same registry and share with your friends and family.

Can we edit our registry after we’ve made it visible to our guests?

Of course! You can add and remove gifts from your Registry anytime even after making it visible to your guests. The only thing you need to take of is that you cannot remove any item from the registry once it is purchased by a guest.

Can I shop on JuneLoft without having a wedding registry?

Of course! You can even shop on our website without even having to make a wedding registry.

Just click on “Add to Cart” button on the product detail page and add as many products into the cart as you like. Further, simply proceed with the checkout process by filling in your payment details and delivery preferences and your products will be at your doorstep!

Who are the Brand Partner of JuneLoft Wedding Registry?

We pride over our relations with over 200 brands and present a collection of the most exclusive and hand-picked collection of over 5000 wedding gift products for you to choose from. View all our eminent Brand Partners here

Does JuneLoft offer Free Shipping and Returns?

Yes! JuneLoft offers free shipping, returns and exchange services on most of our listed products. However there can be certains products that may not be under free shipping, exchange or return policies. We request you to lookup the Policy details for each item while adding them to your Registry.

Still not clear with the thought? Contact our customer care team now or write to us at

Can me and my partner have one registry?

Of course! We know you’ve been planning everything about your wedding together, so how can the Wedding Registry be left alone!

JuneLoft is the only online Registry that allows you to add your partner to the same Registry and helps both of you manage your Registry together without any hassle. And don’t worry! You still don’t need to share your passwords. Both of you can login from your own separate log-in IDs.

How can I add items to my registry?

We recommend to get started with our curated list of items for the season, or you can also browse through our categories , or bestseller list ,new arrivals, brands or even other couples’ registry that we highlight 

To add a product from our already existing brand partners, just click on the “Add to Registry” button and the item will get automatically added. 

Want to know more? To add an item from another website find out here

I can’t see my items in my JuneLoft Registry?

Don’t panic. Any items added from 3rd party website may take some time to reflect in your Registry. It usually takes upto 24 hours to add a product from another website. 

If you’ve added a product from our brand partners and not able to view it in your Registry, we recommend you to wait for upto 24 hours and in case the problem still persists, please feel free to call on our customer care number or write to us at

How will I receive my Cash Fund?

Cash Funds will be processed to your bank account within 7 working days after your event date. 

You will be required to share your bank account details to process the transfer and our customer are executive will reach out to you for the same.

How can I share my Wedding Registry?

Once you have created your wedding registry, you can easily share your unique URL with your friends via Whatsapp, Email and other Social Media platforms. Not to forget, your guests can also find you by your name on our “Find A Couple” search bar here 

How do I track my JuneLoft Wedding Registry?

Easy peasy! Just add items to your registry and view your dashboard here You will find all the products you have added, the total value of your Wedding Registry, items already purchased, which guest has purchased it and items yet to be purchased. Your dashboard will give you the summary of all the activities on your JuneLoft Wedding Registry

How do I know if a gift is purchased?

Once any of the items on your list has been purchased by your guest, you will be updated by a notification and an email on your registered email ID.

Furthermore, you can always check the status and update on your dashboard here

Why can’t our guests see our registry?

In order for your guests to see and shop your registry, you must make it “visible” on your registry dashboard

We added this setting so your guests shop your registry only when you two are ready to show it off. But don’t worry about perfecting your registry—you can edit it anytime, even after it’s “visible” to your guests.

How do I invite my partner to join Juneloft?

That’s easy!

Sign in and go to My Profile. Under Settings on your left side-bar, go to Your Wedding tab and click on Invite Partner.

Enter your partner’s information with their Email ID, name and contact number. JuneLoft will send an account activation mail to this ID and once this is verified, the new user will be added as a Partner on your Wedding Registry!

How do I change my wedding date?

We understand that plans change and hence we’ve made using JuneLoft Wedding Registry absolutely simple!

Sign in and go to My Profile. Under Settings on your left side-bar, go to Your Wedding tab and click on Wedding Details.

Under Event Date, change your wedding date to the new date as planned. 

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